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Electric Charging stations for e-cars & e-bikes at the Kaiserhof Anif in Salzburg

Tesla Supercharger & e-charging stations in Salzburg South

E-mobility is an affair of the heart for Kaiserhof host Richard Absenger. It is no wonder that one thing catches the eye immediately when entering the car park of the Kaiserhof in Anif: ten Tesla Superchargers and 16 other charging stations for e-cars as well as for e-bikes.

It has long since been no secret among e-car and Tesla drivers throughout Europe. Anyone passing by Salzburg can stop for an organic breakfast, coffee or lunch at Kaiserhof Anif. Culinary pleasure while the Tesla is charging.

For e-cyclists, we have a very special charging station: you don't have to bring your own, heavy charger. Instead, simply get an adaptor cable from the Kaiserhof reception. The charging station from bike-energy charges all usual electric bikes - at twice the speed and in any weather!

It's good that the e-charging stations before the gates of the city of Salzburg are there for all guests! Even better: the Hotel-Restaurant Kaiserhof lies just a few minutes from the motorway exit Salzburg Süd (A10).

Tesla Superchargers & rental in Salzburg

There are exactly ten Tesla Superchargers in the large hotel car park in Anif near Salzburg. These delight hotel and seminar guests as well as restaurant visitors. But all those too who don't have a Tesla themselves. Why? Because you can simply rent your Tesla at the Kaiserhof!

Test the Tesla Model S Insane or the Model X Sport!

E-charging stations in Anif near Salzburg

At Kaiserhof Anif, along with the Tesla Superchargers, there are several e-charging stations for other e-car brands and models available for you:

  • 1 x Type 2 Buxe 16A (Rhode & Black)
  • 1 x Type 2 with cable or plug 32A
  • 5 x CEE/ 32A/ 5-pole with mobile charger NRG-Kick
  • 6 x Schuko
  • 1 x Smatrics Triple Charger 100 KW connection performance – only possible with Smatrics membership card (Typ 2 with 43 KW, CCS plug, 1 Chademo)

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E-mobility to test out: Our e-fleet includes an E-Smart and a Renault Zoe. And as of recently, also the new Tesla Model 3.

How to reach the e-charging stations in Salzburg South

You can find the Tesla Superchargers and e-charging stations at the Hotel-Restaurant Kaiserhof Anif near Salzburg...

Why not combine a stay with us with a Tesla excursion to the Salzburg region? Get to know the Kaiserhof packages for e-mobility now!

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