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Schungite Room: the energy experience in Salzburg

The Schungite stone and its positive effect at the Kaiserhof

Positive energy is omnipresent at Kaiserhof Anif. In this place, this can be felt particularly well: in the new Schungite Room. For our guests, we have constructed a power room from over 3,000 kilograms of the rare healing stone. A unique offer in Salzburg and all of Europe!

Simply enter, take a seat and the very special energy experience will begin...

The healing stone Schungite and its health-boosting effects

Schungite is a rare stone exclusively found in Northern Russia – in Karelia. The black stone consists of around 30 percent carbon. It probably comes from the impact of a planet on the earth over two billion years ago.

Schungite was scientifically examined by the University of Petrozavodsk. What is special about the stone: the so-called fullerene, which is the fourth molecular form of carbon alongside the structures of diamond, graphite and carbon. A variety of healing properties are attributed to it.

Schungite... strength and positive energy
...can absorb negative energies simultaneously, making it bipolar
...has a cleansing effect on the body, mind and soul
...restores the balance of mineral levels and energy field
...relieves stress and tension

The Schungite Room in the Kaiserhof is there for everyone!

For hotel guests: On the morning after getting up, before the meeting or as an energy source in the afternoon – the Schungite Room is available to you upon consultation around the clock.

For seminar guests: The Schungite Room has room for eight to ten people. If desired, we can reserve the room for your seminar break – to regain positive energy for hardworking and successful hours.

To the seminar offer at Hotel Kaiserhof...

For external guests: You can also rent our powerful room as a therapist or masseur. By the hour or in a ten-session block. Through the available healing vibrations, the therapeutic effect of your treatment will be reinforced.

You can find out more information and make a reservation at or +43 6246 8920.

Numerous Kaiserhof guests have already been convinced by the positive power of the Schungite. If you want to sense this healing energy for yourself, then now you know where you have to go. Book your stay at Hotel Kaiserhof Anif or send a non-binding request now!


  • 30 min: €10.00
  • 60 min: €20.00
  • Group from 6 people: €12.00 per person